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GTB Consulting Co., Ltd. was established as a business consulting firm in August, 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan.  Our company, formed by experienced consultants, aims to help people or enterprises to find the best solutions in their business.  The motto - “Taken from society, give back to society” is the key purpose required in our team and we strive to provide an excellent service in terms of quality of work.

眾鼎顧問有限公司於 08/2014 成立在台北/台灣。公司係由一群俱備豐富產業經驗且志同道合的資深顧問們所組成。主要的目標為協助企業和人群在事業上找到最佳的解決之道。同時,「取之社會,用之社會」也是我們的服務宗旨。我們堅持提供卓越品質的服務以達成客戶的託付與期望。


No. 6, Section 4, Xinyi Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

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